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very good


Marvellous achievement guys!

At this point, Plus/4 version now or it never happened :D

Do you want to help?

Within my own (limited) skills, why not? :)

If you want to drive the port forward (possibly based on the c64 version rather than c128), msg me please on csdb and we can start. 

I don't think a Plus/4 port would be very attractive. Sure, the Plus/4 has a slightly more computer power than the C64, but no acceleration possibilities like running the game on a SuperCPU, Ultimate64, Turbo Chameleon or Mega65. Therefore you would experience the lower playability of a bare unexpanded C64 on the Plus/4, just a little bit smoother, but no way the smooth gameplay of the C128 or C64 accelerators. That "just a little bit smoother" would need to be balanced against the terrible sound capabilities of the Plus/4... end result might be a worse experience than an bare unexpanded C64.

Plus/4 ports are IMO attractive if you can take advantage of the high colour count of the TED, but for a monochrome game like this one...

Well, none of us is a plus/4 user so i guess we won't comment on what plus/4 users want/like/need. But if anybody is interested in drivint he port forward - please get in touch with me. it shouldn't be very complicated. And if one wants to enhance the gfx - feel free. Although memory might be an issue.

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After thinking a bit more about it: If I would port it, I would target a cartridge. The TED architecture allows mapping 32KB of cartridge ROM and built-in bankswitching with 2 banks. This means that the speedcode that the C128 version uses, can move to cartridge ROM and be executed directly from ROM. 

The combination of speedcode and slightly higher CPU speed (compared to C64) may make the speed acceptable, allthough the Plus/4 still lacks the MMU tricks that you can do on the C128.

Choosing for a cartridge also allows solving the sound problem: The Plus/4 allows sound input from cartridge, so you could add sound capability to the cartridge. Perhaps a low-cost SwinSID or so, C64 users would look down on a SwinSID, but for a Plus/4 game it would be a game changer.

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Here a decent gameplay video. I used the C128 4 MHz turbo speed mode on MiSTer FPGA. Pure awesomeness!

But I would suggest to upload a simple manual here. When I played the game for the first time shortly after release, I had no idea about the very important Space and Run/Stop keys. I still don't know how to get into the game credits and  manual (your third screenshot here).

Thanks for the video and for your feedback. There are 2 files on the .d64 image. First one is the game, 2nd one ("AMAUROTE README") is the note with manual, story and credits. I hope it'll make things easier for those who couldn't find it.

So awesome. Congrats to all involved.


Thank you very much. We appreciate!

muy bueno


Wow! Brilliant! Thanks a lot!

Our pleasure :)

You should also credit the original authors of the game, the Pickford Brothers. They are flattered though

Of course they are credited. Just run the actual game :) They are there in the full glory as an authors (code & gfx). And i was in touch with Ste. But thank you for being vigilant :)

I added the reference to Ste&John  in the description together with the links to their twitter profiles. This way, even without running the game their names will be visible.

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 Pls keep original Whittaker music, maybe to make a choice! Adding an animated intro from the ZX Spectrum 128 version is also not a bad idea.
Otherwise, thank you for superb work, this looks really great!

I'm not sure if i still have stamina to improve it. Maybe if the game develops a cult following :) Whittaker's music has it's merits. But it does not sound c64'ish and eats a lot of rastertime. + i love @randal-richards score :) But a cracking group is welcomed to release a "modded version" ;)

I could try to convert that whittaker's music into some low-rastertime tracker (ninja tracker or so), but I also care a lot about time and enthusiasm. Otherwise, of course, the music is almost the same as at ZX Spectrum AY, but I really like it :)



Fantastic! The title screen palette is mesmerizing!

That's Joe's magic at play here.

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B&W?? Wow, this is actually horrible.

I do like the title pic, but lol wth man.. I feel like playing one of those awful speccy ports. Nononono. Nope, not for me

Well, you may just not be the "target audience". Thank you for your feedback though.

Any chance you could upload a SID file of the soundtrack?

(1 edit) (+1) soundtrack.sid intro and note.sid

Excellent, thanks.


Thank you sir! :)

Congratulations guys!

Thanks a lot :)




I hope it's worth the wait :)

I've been hitting refresh every day in my emails haha